Aircel has announced 3g plans they are uniform across india,which is better then 98 Rs 1gb plan which offer 1 gb for one month, if you use it in mobile you won't cross 500 mb a month unless you break it up on laptop which would get max 40 kbps not uniform
In the following plans you can atleas hope for 500kbps from a low of 60kbps on peak hour 
Pocket Internet unlimited data plans

TypeHigh Speed Data
(@3.6 Mbps)
71Unlimited50MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
163Unlimited100MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
397Unlimited200MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
6715Unlimited250MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
12830Unlimited500MBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile
19830Unlimited1GBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile +Dongle
39930Unlimited2GBUp to 3.6 MbpsMobile +Dongle
69730Unlimited5GBUp to 7.2 MbpsMobile +Dongle
99730Unlimited10GBUp to 7.2 MbpsMobile +Dongle

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